Middle schoolers dating tips

I had lots of fun and I learned a lot about the real world and responsibility. Well, consider the possibilities: No-- in Muslim countries brides are married to their (older) husbands at 11 or 12 and have the first baby within a year.

My heart was broken (:( ), and it hurt, but I got over it, and I learned from it. Seems young to Europeans and Americans, but fine to them.

(You probably have a friend with a crazy story.) But your children will not learn to be resilient if you constantly take the bumps out of the road. Kids need to learn that the choices they make have consequences. But we are not helping our children by not holding them accountable for their choices.

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Unless your family/parents have a rule against this- I say go for it!

I'm in middle school, so this advice is from experience: Go for it.

If your child does poorly on a test—because they were sick or didn’t prepare—then they need to deal with the consequences. Even though you suffer when your kid is miserable, this is how your child will build character, independence, and maturity.

When parents fear that one low grade will ruin their child’s future, they do crazy things. Even twenty years ago, if a kid got a D on the test, parents would have said, “Study harder next time.” Today, many parents will call the teacher and complain that the test wasn’t fair or ask if their child can get extra credit. They don’t like their kids to get mad at them, or to be upset at all.

I'm in middle school myself and I think that there is no point. I say wait till high school for a more serious relationship. I'll be mean and say you'll just have your heart broken. I think you should ask this boy out and not stand around waiting for him to pick up the clue.

Trust me too when I tell you this, I am in 10th grade, and I still appreciate a girl talking to me in private about that stuff. Yeah the boys are HOT and all the other girls are going out, but GUESS WHAT the boys will still be hot in high school and they will have all dated the other girls... Just don't do anything you might regret one day Middle school is NOTT young.One of the most important traits you want your child to develop is a really good work ethic.We want our kids to learn to work hard, and that hard work pays off.Most importantly, they show resilience, perseverance, and grit.Successful people know how to completely crash and get right back up.(That's a LONG time.) Yes-- I'm 48 and there were kids "going out" in 6th grade when I was growing up.