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You were paid well to get us to Cabo and back to MSP and now that you have our money it’s apparently okay to bail on your end of the deal.

I can assure you I will NEVER fly your airline again.

delayed due to accommodating passengers-71

For all other flights, we are re-accommodating passengers to get them safely on their way as soon as possible."An April snowstorm is an awful way to start or end a getaway and we apologize to everyone inconvenienced by the severe weather.No matter how much time you spend planning and researching a trip, things still occasionally go wrong — and air travel is no exception.(Contact your credit card company for support if you have problems getting a refund from your airline in a timely manner.) Even if you have already checked in for your flight, an airline can cancel your reservation if you are not at the departure gate on time.Your seat may be given to another passenger, regardless of whether you have an advance boarding pass or an advance seat assignment.Some will offer no amenities if the delay is caused by bad weather or other conditions beyond their control.

Compensation is required by law only if you are “bumped” from a flight that is oversold (discussed below).Once you have a confirmed reservation, you are confirmed on the flight even if there is no record of your reservation in the airline’s computer system.If you have a ticket or print-out that shows a confirmed reservation for a specific flight and date — and as long as you didn’t cancel the reservation or miss a reconfirmation deadline — an agent cannot deny you boarding because you have no reservation in the computer.All adults are required to present photo identification upon check-in and at boarding.(Most minors under the age of 18 do not need to provide ID for domestic travel, but airline policies may vary; consult your airline before your flight to make sure, and bring ID if you have it.) Be sure that the name on your ID matches the name on your ticket; don’t purchase an international ticket under the name “Jenny” if your passport says Jennifer, for example.If you need to cancel a ticket purchased under a nonrefundable fare, you may be able to apply the fare you paid toward a future flight, minus any applicable change or cancellation fees.