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She held my head in her hands and looked me right in the eyes, she wanted me to know it was alright and she wasn’t going anywhere. If you don’t want to tell me or don’t feel comfortable telling me I understand. I have never really told anyone about it and it meant so much to me that you trust me enough to tell me about you and Jenny that I know I can trust you too.” Amy paused for a second, like she was composing herself.“Sam, thank you,” she said, “I know it wasn’t easy for you to tell me that story. ” I realized I told the whole story without mentioning my wife by name. And the past is the past.” She looked at me with such gentle eyes. “I guess it started one weekend in college when I visited Stacy, a friend out of state.

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“Over the next few months we dated and during that time it seemed that neither one of us could ever get enough sex.

Soon we were trying new things, sex in different places, dressing up and role playing, talking dirty to each other and anything we could think of.

I really liked this too, it was like she was my own little sex slave, but one day after a particularly dirty sex session I felt bad, I felt that I was treating her like a slut and I didn’t want her to think that’s was how I really felt about her, so I told her how bad I felt.

She gave me this little smile and snuggled up to me and said, ‘I know that you love me and don’t think I’m a slut, but I like being a slut for you and you can do whatever you want to me and I will always love you and know that you always love me.’ So from then on I didn’t worry about it anymore. During our time together we tried everything under the sun, anal, role play, threesomes, public sex, orgies, water sports, making videos, taking pictures, anything either one of us wanted to try, we did and it was great.

One the other hand, I would give anything for one more day with her.

Beth was to young when she died to really remember, which is good, but she never got to know her mom, which still bothers me today. ” After I finished my story Amy leaned over and kissed me.The next morning I was woken up by her under the sheets giving me a blow job.” I stopped and looked at Amy, she didn’t have a look of disgust or shock, she looked intrigued, like she wanted me to tell her more, all the details that went with the story.“I didn’t mean to be so graphic, its just I don’t know how to tell the story and not include some of the, more intimate details.” “You can tell me anything and you can use all the intimate details you want, I promise it won't upset me.” “Well, we stayed in bed the whole day, having sex, talking, having sex, and talking.” I knew this topic might come up and I could either lie and see where it goes or tell the truth and see where it goes.I decided this I was to old to be lying and playing games. “It’s a long story, but I have no problem telling you, it is just most women don’t like it when guys talk about their ex’s or late wives.” Amy reached out and took hold of my hand, in a comforting way.After 5 minutes Amy had put her head on my shoulder and it felt right, at least for me. Second, I want to keep seeing you, but I’m not sure how Beth would feel about that and I’m not sure how the school would feel about you dating one of your student’s father.” “I’m glad we agree on the first part about liking each other.