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Well, America, get ready again: Here comes George W. You can still find her having the occasional drink with her friends at a happening nightspot in Georgetown or hanging out at the Iota Club and Cafe, in Arlington, Virginia, where she likes to listen to live music (especially by Larry Mc Murtry’s son, James), but she’s begun to behave like, of all things, an adult.

But in the final chapters, Jenna not only offers teenagers detailed advice about how to avoid contracting HIV, she tells them what to do if they’re physically or sexually abused.

She exhorts them to help other kids in their own communities who have been neglected or mistreated, and she encourages them to spend their summer vacations working with groups like UNICEF or Habitat for Humanity.

High-brow op-ed columnists piled on, purporting to psychoanalyze Jenna, arguing that her antics were acts of adolescent rebellion or signs of deeper emotional issues.

One went so far as to suggest that Jenna had the same kind of drinking problem that had afflicted her father when he was younger.

Chuy Bravo net worth: Chuy Bravo is an American talk-show icon who has a net worth of .5 million and salary of 0 thousand per year.

Chuy Bravo has earned his net worth as the little man (literally) who is the side-kick of comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler.

The book’s publisher, Harper Collins, was so impressed with that it reportedly ordered a first printing of a whopping 500,000 copies.

By the time you read this, Jenna will be in the middle of a nine-week, cross-country promotional tour.

Who was a fixture in the tabloids and a punch line in every late-night talk show monologue? Today, the president’s daughter is all grown up, teaching in an inner-city public school, soon to be married, and even sooner to be the best-selling author of a serious book about AIDS.

And yes, she’s counting the minutes until January 20, 2009. “I figured it might make you feel more at home.” It’s a mild July evening in Washington, D.

Even more surprising, she’s now a big-time author—and an activist.