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(this is from what I can read the way Aussies would say "You bastard", If your horse got beaten by a nose...) Shut up! infinitive To bend over = Tuwad pronounced too-wad Past tense = Tumuwad Present = Nakatuwad Future = Tutuwad Family Father - Itay / tay, Papa, Papang Mother - Inay / nay, Mama, Mamang Brother - Kuya(older brother), Tol( from kaputol a contaction of the Pampangan kaputol) Sister - Ate Uncle - Tito Aunt - Tita Cousin - Pinsan / insan To show formality or respect to the elders use the words po(very formal) or ho(not very formal) at the end of sentences but... Some people might be offended and say that "I'm not that old" hahahaha Tip on pronouncation -- most Filipino words are phonetic and are spoken per syllable.

Remember, Filipinas are incurable romantics, sweet talk, especially in their native language is gold.

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I have a personal goal to be fluent in as many languages as possible. Mahal Kita - I Love You Oho - Yes No - Hindi Sige - Okay Sakit Ng Ulo - Headache Mesa - Table Tubig - Water Manok - Chicken Baboy - Pig Kanin - Boiled Rice Sinangag - Fried Rice Bekon - Bacon Itlog - Egg Gutom - Hungry Mapoot - Dislike Pangit - Ugly My american gf is Filipina and she always teaches me great phrases, here are a few: pussy is puki ass is pwet utin is penis mabooty is delicious maganda is beautiful palanga kita indie is I love you baby nene is little girl toto or noynoy is little boy tatay is daddy nanay is mommy ikaw is you aco is me or I o o is yes o po is yes sir or yes ma'am start putting words together for the start of many sexy phrases. this is a classic filipino song and I learned just yesterday.

from my very limited experience that if you know some Tagalog epically during vigorous amorous exercise It makes the experience..juicier..scores future points. Lyndon Thx guys, even if they understands English they will love when a foreigner know or at least tries to talk to them in their language, Specially when trying to get a girl at real clubs without paying not a regular bar girl.

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