C backgroundworker progress bar not updating

The solution demonstrates IDesign Callback Thread Affinity Behavior - a custom endpoint behavior attribute that makes all callback instances (regardless of the worker threads used for the callbacks) execute on the same thread. NET 2.0 synchronization context that always marshals the calls to the same thread.

When a service needs to update UI, if the service is not using the UI synchronization context, the service must manually marshal the call (which comes in on a worker thread) to the UI thread.The easiest way of doing that is using an anonymous method and a synchronization context, as shown in the download.If the callback needs to execute on a particular thread (such as updating the UI with Windows Forms), you must marshal the call.The solution is IDesign's Async Client Base proxy base class, that will automatically marshal the call to the client synchronization context (if present). If the service needs to update Windows Forms forms and controls, it must marshal the update to the UI thread(s).The IDesign serviceware downloads is a set of original techniques, tools, utilities and even breakthroughs developed by the IDesign architects.

The utilities are largely productivity-enhancing tools, or they compensate for some oversight in the design of . The demos are also used during our Master Classes to demystify technical points, as lab exercises or to answer questions.By installing the custom synchronization context and then opening the host, all client calls are always routed to the same thread, thus establishing thread affinity between all instances and all endpoints of the service.The solution demonstrates IDesign Thread Affinity Behavior Attribute - a custom service behavior attribute that makes all service instances (regardless of the service instance mode or concurrency mode) execute on the same thread. NET 2.0 synchronization context that always marshals the calls to the same thread.To download demonstrates the required code changes, as well as where to place the fault contracts.WCF offers a the client a facility for dispatching calls to the service asynchronously.By default WCF will not let a service callback within a service operation to its clients.