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When BOC kicked in to "Godzilla", there wasn't an idle body in the place.

A drum solo ensued, including the placing of the rubber Godzilla mask over the drummer's head (for those who caught their performance last year), and the final crash of wounded steel that left the crowd exhausted.

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But upon his return, he told me Riot sounded better echoing off the porcelain fixtures in the restrooms.After about a 20 minute break, the lights went out for the second time to provide the necessary theatrical introduction for the much sought Blue Oyster Cult. After 11 years on the road, the professionalism of the group was rather apparent.The lead vocalist asked the crowd, You gotta help me motivate! During Riot's repertoire, Bill had to leave for a minute.No explanation of this absence is necessary, just figure that after about six BV's and Coke one experiences a particular call to nature.After a quick kick to the can myself, I returned in time to catch their opening effects,which was an amplified version of that dreadful creature's scream, "Godzilla! The instrument array included Fender, Gretch, and Gibson guitars(including customized Gibson Marauders), Pearl drums, and a Wurlitzer piano/ organ combo.

BOC's repertoire included "Gonna See Some Rock and Roll", "Send Me to Hell," and their ever famous, "Godzilla," all done under crowd floodlights, strip lights, and purple Trooperette spotlights.After a roaring applause and Bic Butane light-ups, BOC returned for not one but two encore numbers. sub duty was when the bus only surfaced (stopped) once every 24 hrs trying to get from one end of the country to the other... I distinctly recall buying their newly released "Narita" LP and being very excited to see them live. systems were modular in construction, meaning numbers of identical cabinets each containing bass, mid range and hi frequency (treble if you will) components..."The Reaper" and a rendition of Status Quo's "Roadhouse Blues" tied the concert up in a neat package. You don't have a Spokane show listed for this tour, but they most definitely played at the Spokane Coliseum in July of that year. I note that the Blue Oyster Cult official tour database (at lists the Spokane show as 18 July 1980, although that's the date your giglopaedia has the band in Vancouver, BC. Your database indicates that Molly Hatchet were touring with BOC around that time also. Was riding in a friend's parents BMW that we 'borrowed' while they were away on a trip (he knew where they hid the keys). It made for MUCH quicker load ins and outs, but prevented more knowledgeable sound men (like our very own Gp G and all the fine tech staff of TASCO) from doing a bit of a "custom installation" for the varied shaped and sized venues...Thanks to Eric's contribution above, there's a good chance this "tour" might have been a scam - did anyone out there buy a ticket for any of these dates...? Rock Mc Lean I was sitting home last Monday night, trying my hand at cooking a few hamburgers, when John Albright, illustrious jock of the Y-93 airwaves, stated that he would take caller number five to win a pair of tickets to the Blue Oyster Cult concert at the Metra.I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a try...Well, to make a long story short, I won the tickets and was soon on my way via Subaru to the Metra.