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Cristina tells them that George and Burke are bonding, and she asks Meredith to apologize to George again because things can't stay like this. He asks Izzie if she's ignoring him as she didn't call him back. George comes over and takes the baby, who immediately stops crying and starts eating. He understands she's tired of settling, so she should fight for her life and her marriage. Izzie's sitting by Denny's side and tells him that the LVAD will allow him to get off most of his meds and give his heart a much-needed rest. Having this surgery means he can't leave, and he really hates hospitals. And just when you’ve gotten the lay of the land, the ground underneath you shifts. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with nothing more than a flesh wound, something a band-aid will cover. Alex says he'll have to settle on being Izzie's type. Richard comes in and notices she appears to be having trouble with the diaper. Meredith sits down with them, causing George to stand up and go sit with Callie. Meredith asks Derek if Addison knows they are friends. Derek says he's going to use two scalp arteries to redirect the blood flow in her brain around the aneurysm. He's done it successfully once and watched it once.

As doctors, as friends, as human beings, we all try to do the best we can. Izzie says it'll keep him alive while they wait for his new heart. Izzie paged Alex to the on-call room, but not for sex. Callie tells Heath's mother he'll get to go home while waiting for the surgery. He can handle the pain and wants to play through the game. Izzie asks George about Meredith, but he's done being asked about her.

But the world is full of unexpected twists and turns. Denny's sure that Alex is a fine doctor, but Alex is not his type. Cristina is singing the alphabet song for little Tuck while changing him on the floor of the gallery. There are some risks, and if he goes for the device, it's possible he may not be able to leave the hospital until he gets the donor heart. Heath wants to play because there are college scouts coming today. Callie says cutting the bandage off means risking permanent damage, so there's no putting the finger into a glove today. Cristina says at least they won't be asking him about his hair. Meredith tells Sylvia about the double-barrel brain bypass.

Cristina drinks her coffee as the men make cappuccino. His congestive heart failure is getting worse despite the meds. Burke wants one of them to monitor Denny at all times. Bailey and her remaining interns follow Addison into Mrs. Sylvia was diagnosed 6 weeks ago, but all the doctors said it was inoperable. She then hands her baby to a reluctant Cristina because she needs to operate on that patient right away. He says he did a few times, but he hung up every time.

Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie are tailing George and Bailey, who has her baby in a carrier with her. As Bailey goes inside, Cristina cluelessly holds the baby.

It’s easy to suggest a quick solution, when you don’t know much about the problem or you don’t understand the underlying cause or just how deep the wound is. She says someone told her she looks like Catherine Deneuve, but Derek only comments that Catherine is hot and blonde. While playing Scrabble, Denny assures Izzie that besides his pretty face, he's also got the brains. He didn't know they were playing naughty words Scrabble. It's a battery-operated machine to help his heart pump. Alex says he can't be threatened by her half-dead patient. Izzie, Cristina, and George are having lunch at another table.

The first step toward a real cure is to know exactly what the disease is to begin with. We're supposed to forget the past that led us here, ignore the future complications that might arise and go for the quick fix. Denny jokes that he knew they were trying to turn him into a robot. He can't believe none of her friends know they're sleeping together, but she points out that he and Denny aren't friends. This really upsets her, but he thinks someone had to tell her. His mother apologizes to the doctors and follows him. Gibson sees Addison eating her lunch while looking at test results. She doesn't have an infection so she can schedule the C-section this afternoon. Cristina wants Izzie to take the baby, but she refuses. He hates that that's what it took, but he loves her.

George says Heath found out how to cut off his finger on the Internet. George says it didn't end the pain, because there's always phantom pain if you cut it off. Sylvia wants him to do those things as well if she dies. Cristina knows that Bailey's her boss and that she could make her life a living hell, but just for the future, Cristina doesn't babysit. The infection was caused by methicillin-resistant staff bacteria and it's spreading. He wanted them just to splint it so he could play in his game that afternoon.

Kyle promises her that he'll quit his job and that they'll move to Paris. She takes her baby and tells Cristina to go back to sleep. Burke says that's unlikely for Denny because his heart is too weak. After surgery, Addison puts her wedding ring back on. He says the Internet didn't say anything about infection. Heath came into the ER with a finger that had multiple breaks and was dislocated.

It's changed everything and she doesn't know how to repair it. Derek says she has to repeat it over and over until he listens. Derek's standing on the catwalk by himself, looking out the window. Sylvia didn't want to have Derek check out her aneurysm because she'd been let down before.

Meredith says George won't listen to her apologies. Meredith pulled out the fork and Derek ordered an MRI.

He was told that his heart failure was getting worse, even with medication.