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Second, the completed drawing of the animal would be coloured or filled in with red ochre or other pigments.

(Animal paintings at the site were dated to 33,400 BCE.) Next in age comes the Fumane Cave pictures (c.35,000 BCE), then two claviform symbols found at Altamira, dated 34,000 BCE.

The next oldest paintings are those in Chauvet Cave, situated in the Ardeche region of France.

These images have been dated to at least 39,000 BCE and 35,500 BCE respectively, making them the oldest art of their type from a cave in Europe.

However, in 2014 in Indonesia, on the other side of the world, archeologists used Uranium-Thorium dating techniques to date hand stencils among the images found at Leang Timpuseng Cave, Sulawesi, to 37,900 BCE.

At present we have no firm idea when cave painting first began.

One theory links the evolution of Stone Age art to the arrival of anatomically modern humans in Europe during the period of the Upper Paleolithic. Definition, Characteristics • Origins and History • Types • Cave Painting in 3 Stages • Where are Most Cave Paintings Located? • What Sort of Pictures were Painted in Prehistoric Caves?• What Painting Methods Did Stone Age Artists Use?Note: Many caves contain evidence of repeated painting, sometimes extending over tens of thousands of years.Therefore some of these "cave studios" may be found to be older than originally thought.This is exactly what happened at Altamira, where the main body of art is Magdalenian (c.15,000 BCE), but recent tests showed that one particular abstract image dates back to the Aurignacian era about 34,000 BCE.